Attorney Mark E. Heimsoth represents commercial clients and individuals in all transactions that deal with real property land and the structures attached to it including purchase and sale, land use, eminent domain, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, leases, landlord tenant relations, zoning, title examinations, quiet title actions, closings, and management

Residential Real Estate

Do you want to protect the single largest investment you will make in your life? Many people who are about to undergo a residential real estate transaction may not realize the important role an experienced lawyer can play in facilitating a seamless transaction. Attorney Mark E. Heimsoth encourages his clients to seek legal help during their residential real estate transactions and closings, as buyers and sellers alike.

Are you interested in learning how a residential real estate attorney can help you protect your investment? Contact Mark Heimsoth today to arrange your free real estate consultation.

Representation at residential real estate closings

Attorney Mark Heimsoth represents home buyers and sellers during various parts of the real estate transaction. He becomes involved from the onset of your home search and remains involved until the final closing. He will strive to protect your interests and your investment while coordinating the transaction with your real estate broker, and lender to ensure a smooth closing process. Issues that often need to be addressed for buyers and sellers include the following:

         The Contract Provisions

         Title review for Defects

         Surveys for Boundary Issues



Commercial Real Estate

A variety of commercial real estate matters

Commercial real estate purchases, sales and developments raise special issues which require legal representation. Attorney Mark Heimsoth has provided such representation for many years. For example, Annexation agreements and appropriate zoning, may affect business use property and require coordination and work with municipal and other governmental authorities. Environmental issues may impact the purchase and use of any commercial property and must be closely monitored. Mark Heimsoth provides personal and individual attention to such matters and works to resolve such issues to provide a successful transaction for his clients. He handles matters such as:

Land Use

         Annexation and Zoning


         Landlord-tenant issues

         Lease Agreements

         Subdivision Developments

         Title Work

Commercial real estate disputes

Unfortunately sometimes individuals have disputes with governmental bodies, businesses, or other individuals. Attorney Mark Heimsoth represents commercial clients who have encountered such disputes with other parties. He is a vigorous advocates for his clients, seeking successful resolutions for disputes that include the following:


         Landlord-tenant Leasing Issues

         Construction Contracts

         Damage to Property

         Failure to Pay Rent

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